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Оголошується конкурс на щорічну Премію П.Г. Костюка 2016, яка надається науковим товариством ім. Шевченка (Нью Йорк, США).
На премію можуть претендувати молоді вчені (з науковим ступенем кандидата наук), що працюють в Україні в галузі біомедичних досліджень з не більш ніж 10-річним стажем роботи після захисту кандидатської дисертації. Лауреати Премії Костюка будуть нагороджені меморіальним знаком і особистою грошовою премією (25 тисяч гривень).
Деталі за посиланням


Kostyuk Foundation 2015 Award has been presented to Dr. Svetlana Prylutska, a young researcher from Educational and Scientific Center «Institute of Biology» of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


The first corporate donation from Pall Corporation, USA was performed on behalf of Kostyuk Foundation.


We are sure that many of you who have already contributed to the Foundation in 2011-2014 and those who are receiving information about the Foundation first time would be glad to support the initiative. A suggested donation is $100, but any contribution is welcomed. Names of all contributors will be added to a list of those who contribute to the Award 2015 placed on the Kostyuk Foundation web sites.
Living in Ukraine we very much aware how important Kostyuk Foundation activity is for biomedical research here and for promoting gifted young Ukrainian scientists. Now this is the only International Award in Ukrainian fundamental biomedical research. Your donations and activity help building ‘New Ukraine’.Thus, we would like to invite you and anyone who might be interested to financially support Kostyuk Foundation.We need your 2015 donation to be performed by September 7, 2015 in order for the panel of referees to know if more than one Awardee can be chosen.

INSTRUCTIONS.In order to contribute to Kostyuk Foundation one should visit, findand press ‘Donate’ button in the left part of this web page. To ensure that your money goes to Kostyuk Award Fund rather than to general support of the Society, please indicate‘To Kostyuk Award Fund’ in the respective field. This is illustrated in the attached image for a PayPal payment.


We are glad to inform you that now Kostyuk Foundation functions as a subdivision/fund of charity called Shevchenko Scientific Society, USA. As a result, the Foundation has got a lot of new and very important advantages vitally necessary for its further development. Here are some of them:
1.    Money management is legal, effortless and is free of charge.
2.    Shevchenko Scientific Society is exempt from the US Federal Income Tax, which creates a good opportunity for attracting donations from people, organizations and companies.
3.    The Society has promised to financially support the Foundation in case if we attract many small-scale private donations.
4.    Some companies match private donations to Shevchenko Scientific Society. Thus, your donations could be now multiplied in many ways.
Financial management within the Society allows creating and managing the so-called ‘Iron Fund’ – a certain amount of money greater than $25,000 – on behalf of the Foundation. When we raise this amount,Kostyuk Foundation may function even without further donations, based on the capital income from this Fund.


The next call for Kostyuk Award is now being posted on many web sites including the official National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


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