Dear colleagues,

we are happy to invite you to VII International Congress of Ukrainian Society for Neuroscience which will be held in June 7-11, 2017 at Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Deadline for abstract submission is April 16, 2017.

Congress topics:

  • Structural bases of systemic brain activity
  • Neurophysiology of pain
  • Synaptic transmission, synaptogenesis and synaptic plasticity
  • Neuronal calcium signalling
  • Channels and receptors of neuronal membrane
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain dysfunctions
  • Theoretical and computational neuroscience
  • Clinical aspects of neurophysiology
  • History of neuroscience

The organization fee is:

  • USN members - 200 UAH / 10 EUR
  • USN members, students - 120 UAH / 5 EUR
  • USN non-members - 450 UAH / 20 EUR
  • USN non-members, students - 250 UAH / 10 EUR

For the details of payments please refer to organization committee:

For payments in Ukraine use the next details:

Отримувач: Громадська організація "Українське Товариство Нейронаук"
Банк отримувача – Головне управління по м. Києву та Київській області АТ "Ощадбанк", МФО 322669
Рахунок отримувача: 26007300604135
Код ЄДРПОУ отримувача: 36425467
Призначення платежу: благодійний внесок для здійснення статутної діяльності

This covers the following expenditures:
Attendance to scientific sessions
Congress documentation
Attendance to welcome party

Registration of participants along with thesis reports will be processed through on-line application forms at this site. Deadline for participants registration and abstract submission is April 2, 2017. If you plan to participate in the Congress without abstract submission and any presentation (oral or poster), please proceed with on-site registration with option "participation only".


Organization committee:

Registration deadline is extended

New registration deadline is April 16, 2017

Save the date

  • Registration deadline - April 16, 2017
  • Congress starts - June 7, 2017