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Citizens of Ukraine occupied in the field of neuroscience, acknowledging Society's regulations and paying membership fees can become full members of the Society.

All the privileges of FENS membership, including reduced registration fees for events organized by FENS, research and travel grants, free online access to the European Journal of Neuroscience, etc are available for the USN members.

Ukrainian and foreign scientists who significantly promoted the advancement in neuroscience or have been active members of the Society for a long time can become honorary members of the Society.

A full list of members can be found here.

How to become a member of USN

To join the Society applicants should fill the form and pay the membership fee. The membership is valid during the year for which the fee is paid. If the fee is not paid the membership becomes canceled but can be renewed in the future. In general, the continuation of membership starts in November and is limited in time, so please check our website, Facebook page, and e-mail to know about this.

Membership fee 2023:

  • researchers, teachers - 200 UAH (before December 20, 2022)
  • PhD students - 150 UAH (before December 20, 2022)
  • bachelor and master students - 50 UAH (before December 20, 2022)
  • all categories - 350 UAH (after December 20, 2021, and during 2023)

There are two main ways to join USN:

Please notice that sending the application form does not mean automatic membership. A few days after this, you should receive an e-mail from us with further instructions. If not please contact us.



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