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Award 2016

The yearly Kostyuk Foundation Award is one of the most prestigious local endowments,which a young scientist working in biomedical field in Ukraine could win.In 2016 twenty-six applications from young scientists working in different Ukrainian research institutions had been obtained for consideration resulting in the highestlevel of competition since the Award had been established.Five most prominent young investigators from different research Institutes and Universities, OlhaBrovarets,AndriyDinetz,LudmilaKasatkina,Roman Moskalenko, andAndrey Stepanyukhad been chosen as nominees by the Reviewing Committee based on their CV,publicationsand motivation letters. All of them had been invited to attend the ceremony and to deliver lectures about their scientific achievements staying in front of their colleagues.This year two of them, Ludmila Kasatkina from Palladin Institute of Biochemistry NASU (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Andrey Stepanyuk from Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology NASU (Kyiv, Ukraine)had a chance to win Kostyuk Award, which aside of the significant financial support means also a huge step in their research career.This was the third case for the whole history of the Kostyuk Award when two young scientists had won the Award since their scores estimated by 7 members of the Reviewing Committee were equal. Though not all of participants attending the ceremony won the Prize, it was the great honor to become a nominee in such challenging competition – and, definitely, it was the bright experience to compete at such a high level.

Photo 1. Dozens of researchers of all generations from all over the Kyiv have visited the Conference Hall of Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology NASU to listen to nominees’ lecturesabout their investigations.

Photo 2.LudmilaKasatkinafrom Palladin Institute of Biochemistry NASU (Kyiv, Ukraine) presented her study in the field of neurotransmitter transport in neurons and trombocytes. Her findings were previously published in 14 scientific articles including one in «Scientific Reports» from Nature Publishing Group.Dr. Kasatkina presented them at 10th FENS Forum for which she has won a travel grant.

Photo 3.Andrey Stepanyukfrom Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology NASU (Kyiv, Ukraine)has made a delightful lecture about his investigation of the grid cells, which are located in the entorhynal cortex, and the place cells, which are the part of the hippocampus. His study is helpful for understanding of how the space orientation in the brain takes place.

Photo 4.Roman Moskalenko from Sumy State University (Sumy, Ukraine)told colleagues about his research concerning H. pylori, a well-known parasite of the human stomach, which is the main etiological cause of gastritis. His findings about the interactions between bacteria’s adhesinHopQand the human epithelial stomach cell is a promising new pointin search for novel anti-Helicobacter therapy.

Photo 5.Andriy Dinetz from BogomoletzNational Medical University NAMSU (Kyiv, Ukraine) reported on his achievements in endocrinology.

Photo 6.Olha Brovarets from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NASU (Kyiv, Ukraine)has given a lecture on her new insights into DNA structure and mutagenesis. Her data could be used for better understanding of the nature of neoplastic transformation, i.e., cancer.

Photo 7.Prof. Krishtalis presenting the prize and congratulatingDr. Kasatkina for winning 2016 Kostyuk Award.

Photo 8.Prof. Krishtalis warmly congratulating Dr. Stepanyuk while presenting him the prize and the diploma of 2016 Kostyuk Award winner.

Photo 9. The discussion onnominees’ and winners’ previous research and further plans was continued during the cordial afterparty.


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