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Award 2017

This year, seventeen academic researchers that are younger than 35 competed for Kostyuk Foundation Award, which was founded in honor of a prominent Ukrainian neuroscientist and biophysicist PlatonKostyuk(1924-2010) by his former pupils and colleagues. This prestigious award is given to scientists that work in Ukraine and that   made a significant contribution to biomedical area of research. Kostyuk Foundation grants a diploma recognizing the scientific achievements of an awardee and a cash prize. The money come from charitable contributions by Ukrainian researchers and by members of the Ukrainian scientific diaspora abroad. Activities of the Foundation are supported by Shevchenko Scientific Society - USA, which is a branch of the oldest Ukrainian public research organization worldwide.


After thorough analysis of CVs, scientific papers, and motivation letters of applicants, the peer-review committee from contributing members of Kostyuk Foundation selected 5 nominees that presented their studies at the final stage of competition, which took place in presence of the committee members and a broad audience of Ukrainian scientists. These nominees were: Dr. DmytroButov (Kharkiv National Medical University), Dr. Roman Moskalenko (Sumy State University), Dr. SerhiyKropyvko (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NASU), Dr. Ivan Kucherenko (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NASU), and Dr. ViacheslavKulik (Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology).


During the final stage of competition of 2017, two investigators were defined as winners. Dr. Roman Moskalenowas acknowledged for his studies of pathogenic factors of bacterium Helicobacter pylori, a major cause of clinical cases of peptic ulcer. The studies focus on molecular mechanisms of H. pylori adhesion to stomach mucosa. Dr. Ivan Kucherenko was granted for his development of novel biosensor systems for  detection of glucose and ATP. The systems have high potential to be directly used in clinical diagnostics and as a method of scientific investigation.

Photo 1.Glorious places: the lectures of the nominees, the Award Ceremony,and the subsequent informal dinnerwere held in the Meeting Room of Scientific Council of the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology NASU – one of the most famous scientific establishments in Ukraine. For many years,PlatonKostyuk had headed this Institute.


Photo 2.Sciencewithoutlimits: Dr. Ivan Kucherenko had no the possibility to join the Award Ceremony personally because he had been on a short business trip to Germanywhere he established new ties forcollaborativeresearch with local colleagues. Instead, he reported about his inventions by a video call.


Photo 3. The flag picked up: Prof. Oleg Krishtal, a leading Ukrainian neurophysiologist, is presentingKostyuk Awardto Dr. Roman Moskalenko, who arrived to Award Ceremony regardless the leg trauma, which he was unlucky to get earlier.

Photo4. Prof. Alexei Soldatkin from Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics received a Kostyuk Award diploma on behalf of his young colleague, Dr. Ivan Kucherenko. In his speech, Prof. Soldatkin acknowledged Kostyuk Foundation efforts in promoting biomedical science in Ukraine.

Photo5.Dr. SerhiyKropyvko (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NASU), one of five nominees, is receiving a laureate diploma.

Photo6. Prof. Oleg Krishatal is presenting a laureate diploma to his former PhD student, Dr. ViacheslavKulik (Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology).

Photo7. Dr. DmytroButov (Kharkiv National Medical University) received a laureate diploma for his achievements in immunotherapy of tuberculosis.


Photo 8-10. Common values: many people interested in Kostyuk Foundationactivities had come to listen to nominees’ lectures. This included dozens of young scientists for whom the events like this are the enormous motivational factor.

Photo 11. In focus of public attention.This year Award winner? Roman Moskalenko is in discussion with journalists. This year Ceremony of Kostyuk Foundation Award attracted attention of many journalists and bloggers. The state agency «Ukrinform», daily newspaper «Dyen», the platform «Innovation House Ukraine», and many others have published the articles about the Ceremony.


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